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Eight Minds was established in 2020 in the midst of uncertain and unprecedented times. The world was turned upside down by global unrest and racial inequality, and general malaise became the human condition.  

Eight Minds refers to a set of collective consciousness that is embedded within our subconscious.  Many of our thoughts and beliefs are based not in our conscious mind, but deep in our subconscious.  Our habits, actions, and thoughts are all the consequence of an often hidden part of our subconscious.


We, at Eight Minds believe that the world needs a reset, we are in the midst of the biggest ever opportunity provided in our lifetimes to press the re-set button on our lives. 


The way we work, the way we live, and the way we play will all change, and it will be for the better.  Our programs are designed to offer corporates and individuals with a ‘toolbox’ to allow them to make the most of their work and personal lives in challenging times.  We offer coaching around stress and burnout, related issues, and our ground-breaking corporate wellness programs.


Our aim is to help individuals increase resilience in their personal and work life.  At Eight Minds, we offer personalised coaching. Our approach is unique in that our extensive combined business experience provides us with an empathetic lens to your personal and business challenges and goals that most coaches do not have. 


Eight Minds offer a pioneering approach to coaching and corporate wellness.  We combine the traditional coaching skills with a proactive and individually designed path and program that will allow you to have a holistic and practical approach in your transformational journey.

We have a vision to create a global company with coaching collaborations in the US, Canada, and Europe.  Together, we are Eight Minds with a mission to empower individuals to explore their untapped potential.

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“It has been a delight to have Shimi as my coach she is so knowledgeable. I was a bit nervous before my first call but she put me at ease straight away. It is so nice, as she knows exactly how you feel and has been through the same process allowing for complete honesty. For every eventuality she has something up her sleeve as a tool or tactic. To be honest, I thought I was pretty knowledgeable already on the subject of quitting, having read quite a few books and watched lots of videos but she took it to another level.”

HH, Leeds