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It is Achievable.

It is Life Changing.

Experience it Yourself.


We chose Eight Minds as the name of our coaching company, because it also represents the Eight Consciousnesses in Buddhist philosophy. It is about the psychology of our brain and how we are wired as human beings, especially the immense power of the subconscious.


We are guessing you’re here, because, like us, your relationship with alcohol is no longer comfortable, it is not serving you any longer. The more you think about it, the more you want to change it. You just don’t know how.   


This is your first step on the path to changing your relationship with alcohol, the first step towards regaining control, and the first step towards freedom. Our coaching program is founded on Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind methodology (and yes, we are both personally trained and certified by Annie Grace). Our program will bring you into awareness and rewire your subconscious conditioning around alcohol. 


Our coaching and programs are designed for people like us who want to get curious about their relationship with alcohol. They want to dig into their thoughts and beliefs about alcohol in order to change the role and effect it has on their lives.



∞ You are conflicted and in two minds about alcohol – you want to drink less but you also feel deprived and frustrated when you don’t drink.


∞ You are curious about a booze free life – but don’t believe you have a problem with alcohol.


∞ You are ready to regain control – of your life, of your drinking, of your happiness, of your freedom.


∞ You can stop drinking for a few days – but then you feel deprived or miserable and go back to drinking.


∞ You have a love/hate relationship with alcohol – you set limits or rules but then continue to break them leading to increased frustration.


∞ Alcohol no longer serves a purpose in your life – in fact it makes you miserable, and you wake up anxious in the middle of the night.


∞ You want to drink less – but life is stressful and alcohol is the glue that holds your life together.

∞ You have tried to reduce your drinking –  willpower to control your drinking, which has not lasted for a long period of time.


∞ You make a promise to yourself in the morning to not drink – but by the evening you have your glass of wine in hand.


∞You are ready to be your best self – YOU ARE READY FOR CHANGE!







∞ Take a deep dive into your current relationship with alcohol and how you got here.


∞ Have a strong science and evidence-based explanation of what alcohol really is and what it does to your body and mind.


∞ Build a mindset of confidence that will mean alcohol no longer has power over you.


∞ Have practical strategies and life tools to manage and navigate your new freedom.


∞ Access expert ongoing support based on proven methodology to make alcohol irrelevant in your life.


∞ Develop a set of healthy coping mechanisms to change your relationship with alcohol for good.


∞ Benefit from our own personal experience and journey and the tips, tactics, and mindset shift that helped us to find lasting freedom.





MH, London

I was stuck in the cycle of working too hard and playing even harder. My life was filled with anxiety and I had no release mechanism. Shimi showed me how to shift my mindset and reframed my life perspective. She empowered me to live not just exist.

JV, New York 

My alcohol consumption was making me uncomfortable, but I seemed unable to reduce my intake or stop for a period of time. Working with Shimi over 3 months completely changed the way I looked at alcohol. I thought I wanted to simply reduce my  drinking, but with Shimi's guidance and  program. I don't think I ever want to drink again! 

NT, Hong Kong

Life was hectic for me and a bottle of wine in the evening was my stress reliever until it got to two bottles, and I felt worse than I did better.  Shimi's unique personal journey and experience helped me navigate my relationship with alcohol. I feel like I have a new perspective on dealing with stress