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Choose Your Journey

Currently we offer 3 programs designed to change your relationship with alcohol. If you feel this does not meet your needs, we can create a bespoke program suitable for your journey.



Are you ready to reframe your relationship with alcohol? Using ground-breaking literature and methodology as a guide.  We will walk you through key concepts and foundations framed in science.  You will learn tactics to deal with situations and start to shift your mindset around alcohol.


The Program Includes:

   ∞ 8 Week Duration

  ∞ 8 1:1 coaching sessions (45 mins each)

   ∞ Email support

   ∞ Relevant Literature


This Program is for you if:

  ∞ Thinking about alcohol too much

  ∞ Want a break from alcohol

  ∞ You are curious about the impact and effects of alcohol



Alcohol is not working in your life any longer and it is causing you more anxiety and angst than any positive benefits or joy. We will use This Naked Mind’s 30 Day Alcohol Experiment as a guide to re-frame your mind about alcohol.


The Program Includes:

  ∞ 5 Week Duration

 ∞ 5 1:1 coaching sessions (50  mins each)

  ∞ Email and What’s App support (24 hour response time)

  ∞ This Naked Mind Book

  ∞ Access to This Naked Mind Alcohol Experiment Program


This Program is for you if:

  ∞ Want to change your relationship with alcohol forever

  ∞ Want a total mind shift about alcohol

  ∞ Are ready to commit to an alcohol-free life



You want a bespoke and customised program with personalised 1:1 support.  You have made up your mind that alcohol has no place in your life and you want a guided plan that will suit your lifestyle and needs.


The Program Includes:

  ∞ 16 Week Duration

  ∞ 16 1:1 coaching sessions (50 mins each)

  ∞ Email support (12 hour response time)

  ∞ Book Set

  ∞ Access to a personalised Alcohol Experiment Program

  ∞ Access to 90 Days 'Live Life' Program

  ∞ Private Facebook Community


This Program is for you if:

  ∞ You are fed up of alcohol destroying your life

  ∞ Want alcohol to be non-existent in your life

  ∞ You want to build a life based on joy, hope, and lasting change

  ∞ Want customised strategies specifically designed for your needs