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A high flyer who appeared perfect to the world, but had lost her soul. I came back stronger than ever.

I can show you how.


Passionate About Inspiring Others

I am the co-founder of Eight Minds.

I have been through so many transitions in my personal, entrepreneurial and corporate journey and have many battle scars and glorious trophies. it is time to save you the pain and elevate your successes from the lessons I have learnt along the way.


I have spent 20+ years in the venture capital and private equity world, investing in over 50 tech and early stage businesses and having managed over $500m+ in funds and assets.  I have spent a further 10+ years in building boards and advisory boards for sovereign wealth funds, private equity, unicorn technology companies, family offices and corporates.  Throughout my 30+ year career history, I have transitioned from banker, to entrepreneur, to venture capitalist, to managing partner in various funds, board director and chair and then back to being an entrepreneur.


I have now found my true passion in life – To help people like myself transition smoothly into the next phase of their life.  Alongside the 1:1 coaching, Wendy and I have developed a pioneering new corporate wellness program that will empower corporates and employees alike to make healthy long-lasting change in their personal and working life.

My Story – An only child who grew up in an unstructured way in Kenya, life was full of possibilities, I wasn’t tethered in society’s norms, and from an early age I stretched the boundaries of my comfort zone constantly.  This carried into my university years and early career as a banker.  I quickly discovered I didn’t like structure and working in the confines of a corporate career.  I started my first business at the age of 24, with the little savings I had, and grew the business in 2 years into a multi-million dollar revenue business, I had no mentors, no board, and very little financial or operational experience.  I made every single mistake possible and sold my business in year 3 of operations, with hindsight my biggest mistake.


I ‘happened’ into venture capital and began what would become a 15+ year love affair with investing and scaling up high growth tech and healthcare start-ups.  I built and invested in a number of businesses - some went public, others were sold, and some simply went to the wall.  I loved every minute of the fast paced, think on your feet, live by the seat of your pants – adrenalin fuelled journey.  I was working and living hard. 


The cost of this? My personal health, lack of self-care and exercise, eating badly.  Long wine lunches, corporate dinners, working 7 days a week, and endless travelling meant a sure way towards burnout.  The list goes on.........I became dependent on unhealthy coping mechanisms, and lost my passion.  It was time to make another biggest and scariest.


I left the glory and safety net of being head honcho in the corporate world and went back to the basics of setting up a small advisory firm focussing on SMEs that needed scale up advice and companies that wanted high impact boards that would make a massive impact on their business.  I loved meeting people and building boards and seeing the real impact I was able to make to corporates and individuals.  There was something missing......whilst I had transitioned in my career, I had not in my personal life.  I was still living an unhealthy lifestyle that, if unchecked, would send me to an early grave.


2017 was my turning point. I finally decided to make the personal transition into healthy living, and how badly I failed for 2 years to make the changes required.  Every excuse under the sun would materialise.  It was not until the end of 2019, when I found Annie Grace and her book This Naked Mind. It changed my life, to the extent that I certified as a This Naked Mind Coach and am passionate about helping others who are stuck. 


With my own background and the years of mentoring and coaching CEOs, Chairmen, NED’s and entrepreneurs, I now want to help others transition successfully and with passionate purpose into the next phase of their lives, be it personal or in their careers.  I also know the toll on companies and the challenges of retaining employees. This is what led me to develop the Eight Minds corporate wellness programs.


I have been where you are and know the personal toll of success. I will use much of my own experience and learnings to help you transition whether it's personal or its professional, in a planned and structured way.  I won’t pull any punches, I will lay it out straight for you, and I will work with honesty and empathy with you to create a balanced and fulfilled life. 


Be Present and Live with Grace.