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Change is Good.

Find your Purpose.

Shift your Focus.


"Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision, and change"

Richard Branson


We so glad you have found us! We have been where you are, you are here because:


∞ You are at the height of your success in your ‘dream job’ but you are feeling stuck, unmotivated, it’s become a ‘job’ not a passion.

∞ You feel like you are ‘winging it’, you are not qualified or good enough for your job, you’re doubting your own abilities.

∞ You have hit a brick wall in term of how to grow the business to the next level.

∞ Your relationship with your stakeholders such as the board or employees could be better and framed more proactively.

∞ It’s time for a change, and you don’t quite know what it is you really want to do, or even how to go about doing it.

∞ You want to hit that exciting new role with all ‘systems’ go and want to develop the winning mindset both personally and for the company.

∞ It is time to leave full time executive employment and transition.....but to what? And how?

∞ You’re an entrepreneur with your own business, but it’s lonely at the top, isn’t it? You want a peer who will understand, has been there and done it.....several times over.

∞ Your start-up is going great, but you are worried about scale up and what it means for you personally?

∞ Struggling to balance it all, and feel you're burning out?

∞ You want to transition into building a non-executive board career, but don’t know where to start?

∞ Time to stop.....but you cannot see yourself fully retired or financially secure, how can you build a proactive and balanced strategy that fulfils you?

∞ Create a better balance between work, family and yourself.


YOU HAVE IT ALL....except peace of mind.....or self-fulfilment.......or purpose...


We have been there......

Let us help you manage and structure your transition journey to give you the chance to be the BEST YOU!





∞ Take stock of where you are and when you want to go.


∞ A structured and proactive framework based on years of our own personal experience and those we have coached.


∞ Establish and grow into the right mindset for positive transition.


∞ Have practical strategies and life tools to manage and navigate personal growth and change.


∞ Learn coping mechanisms to avoid burnout and live with passion again.


∞ Develop a cohesive internal and external communication strategy that can be used in all aspects of your life.


∞ Benefit from our own personal experience and journey and the tips, tactics, and mindset shift that helped us transition multiple times.






I had no idea how to build my executive profile to set me up for being a non-executive director and preparing for my first board role. Shimi helped me in establishing a successful strategy that not only got my first role, I am now Chairman of another company.

ST, Sydney

I was transitioning from a 20 year corporate career into my first entrepreneurial  journey .  Shimi and Wendy helped to prepare me for the mindset shift needed and  understand be able to navigate the rollercoaster ride of a start-up. Their own experience was invaluable.

JN, London

I was juggling a new family and dealing with major stakeholder issues in my company, I was heading for burnout fast.  Coaching with Eight Minds led me to develop long term coping mechanisms and a communication strategy to work more collaboratively with my board.