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Choose Your Journey

We offer different programs to suit your needs, each program will have a bespoke and customised framework personally developed for you.



You're looking for a mind shift to reframe your current thinking and circumstances. You are thinking of a particular transition but are at the exploration phase and want to assess all your options.


The Program Includes:

  ∞ 4 1:1 coaching sessions (45 mins each)

   ∞ Personalised Report with next steps and recommendations

∞ 1 specific situational role play

∞ Review of personal profile (such as Linked In and CV)


This Program is for you if:

  ∞ You know you need a change, but don't quite know what

  ∞ You want to have a safe haven to explore and talk through each option

  ∞ You want to develop an action plan for the next phase 



You have made the decision to transition into the next phase of your life, you may have even started a new role. You want your action plan for how to best navigate the early days and establish your presence. This is about setting off in the right footing to build solid foundations to success.


The Program Includes:

 ∞ 8 1:1 coaching sessions (50  mins each)

  ∞ Bespoke 100 Day plan or equivalent

  ∞ Customised internal and external communication plan (Board or Start-up)

  ∞ Boardroom etiquette workbook or Start up bible

∞ 2 specific situational role plays


This Program is for you if:

  ∞ You want to make an impression in your new role

  ∞ You want to prepare for the best outcomes in different situations

  ∞ You want a proactive action plan



You want a bespoke and customised program with personalised 1:1 support.  This program is totally bespoke and we will work closely to develop a detailed strategy and a specific framework.


The Program Includes:

  ∞ 16 1:1 coaching sessions (50 mins each)

  ∞ Email support (12 hour response time)

  ∞ Book Set

  ∞ Specific and customised roles plays

  ∞ Build a highly customised 'business plan' for your transition

  ∞ Personal marketing and profile building strategic plan


This Program is for you if:

  ∞ You want to fully transform into your new phase and are committed to this path

  ∞ You are looking to build a high profile start-up, board career, or executive role

  ∞ You want to build a solid foundation with coping mechanisms and strategies that are well proven

  ∞ Want customised strategies specifically designed for your needs